A Letter about a Picnic that I have Enjoyed

15th September, 2018

6/A Bashabo, Dhaka

Dear Sahed,

I am glad to receive your letter. In the letter you have wanted to know about the picnic that we made. Now I am now writing about it.

It was Summer vacation. Our school was closed. I with some of my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Bangabandhu Safari Park for the picnic spot. It is one of the biggest Safari Parks in the world and it is not very far from Dhaka. We got into the bus at about 9 am with all necessary utensils and materials. After reaching park, we finished our breakfast by 9.30 am. We did not take any cook with us. Our mathematics teacher, Mr. Anwar Hossain has a reputation as an expert in cooking. I helped him in cooking. We saw many things in the park. There are many wild birds and animals which attracted us a lot. In the park, some were singing, some were cutting jokes and others were playing different types of games. At noon we were very hungry and so we took our lunch with full appetite. After lunch we went out for sightseeing. The arrangement and elements of the park charmed us most. We started for home at 5 pm after taking our tea. Really, we enjoyed the picnic most.

No more today, write to me about your experience of a great day.

Your loving friend,



    • M H Sarker on October 26, 2015 at 10:54 am

    I have find simple language that can understand every one. Location also very attractive one (Sonargaon).

    Finally I say It’s a good letter for student of class six and seven.

    • asha rani on July 16, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    i received letter which was posted by my children that how do they enjoy the picnic the spot was selected by me at badkal lake ant then they visited kutabminar and other famous places which are concerned with old peopls those who ruled in our country number of times and visited at some zoological places people across the country came to enjoy the picnic they did nt bring with them utencils or any food they bring with them some raw materials ans bring with them an expert cook there was planning that cook will cook the food and take them with some pets i am posted at unique university which is the reputed universty of india there were number of celebrities they too participate the activities which were present during the time of picnic there was too arrangment of parties by the organization different organizations celebrate party with there own ways there was arrangment of games skits and some arrangments were about swimming watching movies some religious programms there were some programms that how to take out the prisioners arrangment of religious programms was too over there that how moral values should be inculcated into the persons person those who came to entertain the picnic too play different games then they plan to move to other places

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