A Journey by Plane

                                               A Journey by Plane 

Recently, I underwent a journey by plane from Dhaka to Chittagong. It was my first journey by plane. Having summer vacation I got an opportunity to meet my elder brother living in Chittagong. He sent me an air ticket. However, on the scheduled day I went to the airport an hour earlier and after all the formalities being completed I was given a boarding card. Then I got into the plane. The captain announced that he would soon be starting. I felt my tension rising. After a pause, the plane started taxiing. Then slowly it began to race down the runway and after a while with a jerk, it took off. I looked down from my window and saw buildings, people and trees looking like miniatures. The roads and streets seemed to be snake. The rivers, canals also seemed to be so. I saw the soft white clouds floating by. They looked like huge cotton balls. I felt like touching the clouds. They seemed to fly along with our plane. However, within the very shortest time I along with other passengers reached our destination safe and sound. The experience I gathered by undergoing the journey is memorable.


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