A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

One day two friends were passing through a forest. They were talking about a real friend. One said to the other, “A true friend never leaves his friend in danger.” Just at that time a big bear rushed out of the wood. Both the friends were afraid to see the bear. At first, they did not know what to do.

One of them, however, knew how to climb up a tree. Therefore, he at once climbed up a tree and became safe. The other friend did not know how to climb up a tree. Finding no alternative, he laid down on the ground like a dead man; for he had heard that, a bear would not touch a dead man. Soon the bear came close to him and smelt his ears, nose, face and body. The man held his breath and laid quite still. So the bear mistook him for a dead man and went away. His friend on the tree saw what had happened on the ground. When the bear left, he came down from the tree. “Friend.” Said he, “I saw the bear whispering something to you. “What did the bear say to you?” In reply he said, “Don’t trust a friend who leaves his friend at the time of danger.”

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