A Dog with its Shadow

                                                     The Dog with its Shadow

One upon a time, there was a dog in the village. One day it stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. It ran away as fast as possible, till it knew that no one was chasing after it. Before long it reached a stream. It stopped, for a while, on its bridge and looked at the river flowing underneath. He saw his own reflection in its clear water. It saw the piece of meat in the water bigger than the one in its mouth. It didn’t know that it was its shadow, and thought, “That dog in the water has a bigger piece of meat in its mouth; I should jump down and snatch it.” It could not bear the sight. So, it threw the meat from its mouth and then jumped down into the river at once. It opened its mouth to get hold of the larger piece. But it lost its own and did not get the other. It was greedy. It was, therefore, a loser.

                       Moral: – Don’t be Greedy.

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