A Dialogue on Visiting a Book Fair

A dialogue between two friends about visiting a book fair

Myself :AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend :Walaikumassalam. How are you my friend?

Myself : Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Friend :By the grace of Allah, I am well. Where did you go yesterday?

Myself : Actually I went to visit a book fair yesterday.

Friend : How funny! But why did you not take me with you?

Myself : Sorry. I forgot to inform you.

Friend : Who accompanied you?

Myself : Mumu, Jinia, Rusha.

Friend : Which book fair did you visit?

Myself : Bangla Academy, the biggest book fair in Bangladesh.

Friend : How was it decorated?

Myself : It was decorated gorgeously.

Friend : What did you see inside the book fair?

Myself : Hundreds of book stalls laden with various books.

Friend : Did you buy any book?

Myself : Sure, I bought as many as ten books.

Friend : What did you enjoy there more?

Myself : I enjoyed a cultural program there participated by ImdadulHaque Milan, a famous writer.

Friend : What is your thinking about a book fair?

Myself : I think it beneficial for the people. Actually, it is the storehouse of knowledge.

Friend : You are right. We all should visit the book fair every year.

Myself :Thank you my friend.

Friend : Thank you also.

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