A Dialogue on Deforestation

A dialogue between two friends about deforestation.

Myself : AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend : Walaikumassalam. How are you my friend?

Myself : Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Friend :By the grace of Allah I am well.

Myself :Dear friend, I have something to ask you.

Friend :Oh, sure! Why not?

Myself :Would you tell me about deforestation?

Friend :Deforestation means cutting trees at random.

Myself :Is it beneficial for us?

Friend :Oh, ‘No’ It is never be beneficial.

Myself :What is the negative impact of deforestation?

Friend :There is no positive impact of deforestation. All are negative.

Myself :Would you explain some of them?

Friend :It is the first threat to our environment.

Myself :Can it cause any bad effect on our weather?

Friend :Not only weather but it also can cause greenhouse effect.

Myself :Really?

Friend :Yes, this is the reality.

Myself: Anything negative more?

Friend: It can turn a country into desert.

Myself : What should we do now?

Friend :We should stop deforestation and plant more and more trees.

Myself : Thank you

Friend :Thank you also.

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