A Dialogue on Bad Effects of Smoking

A dialogue between two friends on the bad effect of smoking.

Friend :Hi friend, How are you?

Myself :I am fine and you?

Friend :I am not so fine.

Myself :But why?

Friend :My uncle is very sick.

Myself :What kind of sickness?

Friend :He has been suffering from cancer

Myself :What type of cancer?

Friend :It is liver cancer.

Myself :How is he attacked with liver cancer?

Friend :He is a chain smoker.

Myself :How long has he been smoking?

Friend :It is about 30 years.

Myself :30 years! It is really a long time. But how is it related to cancer?

Friend :Smoking is the source of all fatal diseases like bronchitis, heart attack, cough, cancer and so on.

Myself :Smoking is really very injurious for health.

Friend :Why is smoking injurious?

Myself :Smoke contains nicotine. It is one kind of harmful poison for human body.

Friend :What is the worst effect of smoking?

Myself :It ruins the golden future of a man specially a student who starts smoking.

Friend :Anything more?

Myself :Smoking makesĀ  a man impolite, sometimes it makes a man hijacker.

Friend : What should we do to get rid of smoking?

Myself : We should be aware of the bad effect of smoking to get rid of it.

Friend :Thank you.

Myself :Welcome.

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