A Dialogue on a Brilliant Success

A dialogue between two friends on a brilliant success.

Myself : Hi friend, How are you?

Friend : I am fine and you?

Myself : I am well and very excited.

Friend : But why?

Myself : Don’t you know the result of my JSC exam?

Friend : Actually I don’t know. Please tell me.

Myself : I have got golden A+.

Friend : Oh! Really?

Myself : Yes.

Friend : Congratulation!  How have you achieved such a brilliant result?

Myself : It was for hard study and perseverance.

Friend : Will you tell me about perseverance?

Myself : Why not?

Friend : Please explain.

Myself : Perseverance means study with determination.

Friend : I am not clear. Please explain more.

Myself : I mean study to achieve a target and it is a brilliant result.

Friend : But is it enough for making such a brilliant result?

Myself : O, “No” There are something more behind  it.

Friend : What are they?

Myself : Help of the teachers, proper guidance of the parents and above all determination.

Friend : You are really a genius.

Myself : As you say

Friend : Thank you my friend.

Myself : You are most welcome.

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  1. Thanks Hasan.I have enjoyed much.

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