A dialogue between two friends about favorite game


Write a dialogue between two friends about favourite game.

Myself :AssalamuAlaikum.

Friend :WalaikumAssalam.

Myself :How are you my friend?

Friend :I am very excited and you?

Myself :Alhamdulillah. But why are you excited?

Friend :My favourite team won the world cup football 2014.

Myself :Do you like football much?

Friend :Yes, it is my favourite game.

Myself :Why is football your favourite game?

Friend :I think it is very exciting.

Myself :Which option do you like most in the football match?

Friend :I like the pass and goal most in the football match.

Myself :I also like football but it is not my favourite game.

Friend :What is your favourite game?

Myself :It is cricket.

Friend :Would you tell me why is it your favourite game?

Myself :Sure, bating and bowling are the main attraction of cricket match.

Friend :Yes, you are right but I think cricket is boring.

Myself :Why do you think so?

Friend : Very often, we don’t have so much time to enjoy the game.

Myself :But now a day it is very popular to the people.

Friend :But I don’t think so as it is a cool game.

Myself :Have you ever participated in any football match yourself?

Friend :Yes, very often I participate myself in football match in our school playground. Do you?

Myself :Whenever I get an opportunity, I take part in cricket with my friends.

Friend :Actually it is very interesting to play one’s favourite game.

Myself :You are correct and thank you.

Friend :Thank you also.

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Muhammad talha
Muhammad talha
2 years ago

Plz make a dialogue b\w 2 friend on the game they play

1 year ago

It is nice

8 months ago


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