A Dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer

A Dialogue between the shopkeeper and the customer

Shopkeeper:    Can I help you? Are you looking for something in particular?

Customer:        Yes, well… first I’m looking for a nice gift.  Oh, I see. What’s types of gift do you want to buy?
Customer:        Actually, I want to select a gift for my friend but I am not sure

which gift is perfect for me. Would you help me selecting the gift?

Shopkeeper:    Is it birthday gift?

Customer:        Yes.

Shopkeeper:  You can select the dress for him. It’s imported from England. There

are different sizes and colors of it. We assure you that it will last long.

Customer:       What is the price of the shirt?

Shopkeeper:   It’s only 1550 taka.

Customer:       I like it. Take the price and please pack it.

Shopkeeper:   Oh sure! Here it is.

Customer:      Thanks a lot for your help.

Shopkeeper:  See you again.

Customer:     Good bye

Shopkeeper:  Bye. Have a nice day.