A dialogue between a sells man and a customer

A dialogue between a sells man and a customer.


Salesman      : Good morning, Sir. How can I help you?

Customer     : Good morning, l would like to buy a shirt and a tie.

Salesman      : Here are they.

Customer     : Thanks.  Let me have a sight at them.

Salesman      : I think they suit you well.

Customer     : No, the shirt is a bit tight.

Salesman      : Well, here is another one.

Customer     :  Yes, this suits me well. Now show me the tie.

Salesman      : Here it is.

Customer     :  No, the color it’s not after my mind.

Salesman      : What color do you prefer, sir?

Customer     :  Navy blue.

Salesman      : Ok, I have got a nice tie of that color. Here it is.

Customer     : That’s fine.

Salesman      : We have a good collection of pants Do you need any?

Customer      : Please show me some.

Salesman      : Here are they.

Customer      : Do you have black color?

Salesman      : Sure, please choose from here.

Customer      : Ok, that is the better. What’s the price?

Salesman      : It is all together tk. 2000/- (Two thousand only)

Customer     : Here is the money.

Salesman      : Thank you, sir.

Customer     : Welcome.