A Dialogue between a doctor and a patient

A patient wants to consult with a doctor.


Patient                 : Good morning sir, how are you?

Doctor                  : Good morning, I am fine. Now tell me what’s your problem?

Patient                 : I have been suffering from fever for two days. I have had some

medicine but they do not  work well.

Doctor                  : Did you have the medicine according to any doctor’s advice?

Patient                 : No, Doctor.

Doctor                  : It’s very bad. Without consulting with any doctor, none should

have medicine.

Patient                 : Do I have anything serious, doctor?

Doctor                  : No. Only a slight cold.

Patient                 : Will it last long?

Doctor                  : No, not so serious. Now I am prescribing you some medicines. Take them proper time according                              to the indication. I hope you’ll be ok in a day or two.

Patient                 : Thank you doctor.

Doctor                 : You are most welcome.




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