A Dialogue about Your Plan of Study

A dialogue between you and your father about your plan of study


Myself:   Good morning, papa. How are you?

Father:   Good morning, dear. I am fine. What’s about you?

Myself:   I am also fine. What are you doing now?

Father:   I am doing an official work. Why?

Myself:   I need your suggestion about my plan of study.

Father:   Oh sure! Tell me, what can I do for you?

Myself:   I have made a plan for my study. Would you justify it and suggest me?

Father:   Surely. Tell me about your plan.

Myself:   According to my plan, every day I will continue my academic study early in the morning for two hours and 3 hours at night. I hope I                        will make hand notes of all subjects.

Father:   Good planning but you have to keep time for recreation and physical exercise. Otherwise, your life will be monotonous.

Myself:  Thanks a lot papa.

Father:   Nothing to mention. May Allah bless you.