A Dialogue about Your New School

Write a dialogue between you and your father about your new school.


Father             :  How do you like your new school, dear son?

Myself            : I like it very much, father?

Father             : Why do you like your school so much?

Myself            : Because our school is one of the best schools in our district. It has enough favorable

condition of education.

Father            : How are the teachers?

Myself            : The teachers are not only well-qualified but also friendly and helpful to us.

Father             : How are the students?

Myself            :  Already I have made few friends and they are also amiable and friendly.

Father             : How many students are there in your school?

Myself            : There are two thousand students in our school?

Father            : How many teachers are there in year school?

Myself            : There are about one hundred teachers in our school?

Father             : Who teaches you English?

Myself           : Our Assistant Headmistress who is my favourite teacher.

Father             :  How does she teach you?

Myself            : She teaches us like an actress and makes our lessons very easy.

Father             : What special things do you find in your school?

Myself            :  It has big play ground in front of our school. It also has a library and a canteen.

After all the whole area of our school is very attractive.