A Dialogue about Your New Book of Communicative English

A dialogue between you and your classmate about your new book of communicative English

Myself: Hello, Jahid! How are you?

Jahid:    Hi, Murad! I am fine. What’s about you?  

Myself:  I am fine but I have a great tension about our new book of Communicative English.  

Jahid:    Why? What’s happened?

Myself:  Most of the lessons of the book are totally unknown and I do not understand about the system of the book.

Jahid:    Don’t be upset. I think the book is based on our practical knowledge. It supports us to be creative. You know most of the students of                our country like to cram and it’s so much harmful for them but they do not realize it. To avoid their cramming, the govt. has                                  introduced the process. 

Myself:  Yeah, I see. How can I continue my study?

Jahid:    You have to avoid cramming and try to read anything with great care.  

              Then you can think about the topic and try to express your feeling about    

               that. I think now it will be easier for you.  

Myself:  Really Jahid, you have opened my eyes. From now I hope I will never cram.  

Jahid:    Oh sure! Carry on your activity from today.

Myself:  Thank you Jahid.

Jahid:   You are mostly welcome.