A Dialogue about Your Future Plan after the Examination.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your future plan after the examination.

Myself: Hello, how are you?

My friend: Fine by the grace of almighty Allah. And You?

Myself: I am also fine. What are you going to do after J.S.C exam?

My friend: After J.S.C exam I want to go to Chittagong. Please tell me about your plan.

Myself:  I have a future plan after J.S.C examination.

My friend: May I know about that?

Myself:  Sure. Why not? After J.S.C examination I will go to my native village and make an arrangement for teaching my nearby villagers.

My friend: Why? Are they illiterate and unable to read and write?

Myself: Yes, friend. They are illiterate.

My friend: What will you teach them?

Myself:  First, I will teach them how to read and write.

My friend: It is really difficult to teach the illiterate people reading and writing. But I think you’ll be able to do this because you have the quality.  

Myself: Thank you very much for encouraging me. And will you not tell me why are you going to Chittagong?

My friend: Oh, yes. My uncle lives there. I would like to pay a visit to Cox’s Bazar with the family of my uncle.

Myself: Hope you fulfill your desire.  

My friend: I also pray and hope that you will be able to succeed in  your purpose.

Myself: Ok, bye. See you next time.

My friend: Bye.

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    • Imran on February 5, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Good but need correction there are some wrong f***k you

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