A Dialogue about Using Dictionary

A Dialogue between you and your teacher about using a dictionary


Myself: Excuse me sir! Would you help me?

Teacher: Oh sure! How can I help you?

Myself: I have bought an English Oxford Learners’ Dictionary but I do

not know how to use it. Would you help me using the


Teacher: Thanks for sharing. Before using the dictionary, you have to

learn the arrangement of the English letters.

Myself: Oh, sir I know all of them correctly.

Teacher: Ok, good. Generally, the first letter of a language comes in the

beginning of the dictionary and the page starts with a single

letter A or B ….

Myself: Yeah I see. But what are the symbols?

Teacher: The symbols are the pronunciations of the words. If you know

the symbols it will be better for you to pronounce them


Myself: Sir, why the worlds are written in bold letters?

Teacher: They are the main words and for better understanding the

words and finding out easily they are written in bold.

Myself: What are the short forms like- n. adj. v. adv. etc.?

Teacher: Oh! They are the different parts of speech. Here n. means

noun, similarly, adj. means adjective, v. means verb and so on.

Myself: Wow! Very nice! Sir, how can I find out a word from the

dictionary easily?

Teacher: To find out a word easily from it you have to search only the

first letter of the word and then you can add the second letter

with the first letter.

Myself: Nice idea! Thanks sir for your help. Now I hope it will be easier

for me to use a dictionary.

Teacher: Welcome. If you face any problem further do not feel shy to

ask me any question.

Myself: Ok sir I will inform you. Good bye.

Teacher: Bye.