A Dialogue about Traffic Jam

A dialogue between two friends about the traffic jam in our country.


Sujon : Hi Abir, why have you been late in the class today?

Abir   : Oh, a disgusting traffic jam compelled me to be late.

Sujon : Yes, this time killer problem causes much sufferings for the city                


Abir   : The more the time passes, the more the problem becomes acute.

Sujon : Hundreds of vehicles enter the city anew everyday.

Abir   : The drivers, the pedestrians are not willing to follow the traffic                  


Sujon : Not only that, our traffic policemen are not active and skilled                

             enough to obey their duties.

Abir   : Can we get rid of this  problem?

Sujon : It is not impossible but very tough.

Abir   : How is that?

Sujon : The government should take stern action against the traffic rule violators.

Abir   : Then?

Sujon : New roads should be made.

Abir   : I think every city dweller must be conscious of this problem.

Sujon : Absolutely right. If the people are careful, then it is easy for 

            government to solve any problem.

Abir   : sujon. I have to go home as early as possible.

Sujon : Ok. See you next.