A dialogue about the way of the nearest bus stoppage

You want to know the way to a bus stoppage/railway station/post office/airport/library/school/mosque from other.  

Myself:          Excuse me, would you help me please?

Passer-by:  Sure. How can I help you? 

Myself:          I am looking for the way to the bus-stoppage. Could you tell 

                        me how to go to the bus-stoppage?

Passer-by:    I think you are a new comer in this area.

Myself:          Yes, I don’t know the area.

Passer-by:   Okay. No problem. It is very simple. Go straight to the end of  

                        the road and then turn right. The bus-stoppage is on the left.

Myself:          You are so kind. Thanks a lot for your valuable information.

Passer-by:    No mention, it’s your pleasure. 

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