A Dialogue about the Price Hike of Essential Commodities

A dialogue between a reporter and the trade and commerce Minister about the price hike of essential commodities


Reporter      :           Good morning, sir. I have come from “the Daily Star”.  Would you

                                  spare a few minutes?

Minister       :           Sure. What can I do for you?

Reporter      :           I want to discuss with you about the recent price hike. The price of essential  

                                 commodities is increasing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the suffering of  

                                 the people of low aware of the suffering of the people.

Minister       :          You are right. We are also aware of the suffering of the people.

Reporter      :           Would you please tell me the reason of price hike?

Minister       :          There are many reasons. But the most important is the dishonesty of some    

                                 unscrupulous businessmen. Shortage of food supply due to low production  

                                 also accelerates the price hike.

Reporter      :           Have you any necessary measures?

Minister      :           Yes. We are controlling it very strictly. Some dishonest businessmen have

                                  already been arrested and brought under judgment. Government has set fair  

                                  price shops in different places of the country. Moreover, we are going to  

                                  import a huge quantity of food grains.

Reporter      :           Do you think you‘ll be able to reduce the price hike?

Minister       :           I believe within fifteen days everything will be normal.

Reporter      :           Thank you very much.

Minister       :           Welcome.