A Dialogue about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

A dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper.

Sajib     : Hi Monir, what are you doing?

Monir   : I am reading newspaper.

Sajib     : Newspaper? Why are you reading newspaper? I thing you are wasting your time.

Monir   : No Sajib. You are wrong. Reading newspaper is not wastage of time.    

Sajib     : Can you explain?

Monir   :  By reading newspaper, we can get the news of various items in the world.

Sajib     : But doesn’t the TV nerve this purpose?

Monir   : Television gives us news but that is not as much as newspaper.

Sajib     : Can we have the educational page in the newspaper?

Monir   : Obviously Almost every national dailies publish this item.

Sajib     : Do the teachers, traders, shop-keepers, farmers, doctors etc all kinds of people get benefit from  


Monir   : Yes, they get and are getting always.

Sajib     : Can we learn any moral lesson and build up our character by newspapers?

Monir   : We can learn many religious and moral stories in the from the news paper. There help us build

               our character.

Sajib     : But isn’t it true that newspaper sometimes brings false news and creates anarchy?

Monir   : You are right but that is too little in compare to its positive side.

Sajib     : So, do you think that I also should form the habit of reading newspaper?

Monir   : Not only you but also all types of people should form this habit.

Sajib     : Thanks a lot, Monir is for your valuable information.

Monir   : You are most welcome.