A Dialogue about the Experience of a Train Journey

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about a train journey.

Myself              :  Hi friend! How are you?

Friend             : Fine, thank you and you?

Myself              :  I’m also fine. I’ve heard that you have got a chance to make a journey by train.

Would you please tell me about it?

Friend             : Last week I went to Cox’s Bazar with my parents by train.

Myself              : When did you start your journey?

Friend              : We started our journey at 3 pm. First we arrived at Kamlapur railway station. We

bought three tickets. Then we took our seats.

Myself              : How long did you spend in the train?

Friend             : It took 8 hours to reach our destination.

Myself              :How did you enjoy it?

Friend              : I enjoyed the scenes and sights with a joyful mind. By this time the train was moving

through rural areas.

Myself               : What things attracted you most?

Friend              : I gazed and gazed at the house, trees, meadows with golden crops and other panoramic

view with a cheerful mind.

Myself            : Would you please tell me about the feelings of your journey?

Friend             : All the times I looked and looked through the window. Everything seemed running swiftly

to opposite direction. Now and then it crossed a bridge over a river with a chattering noise.

After all I never forget the sweet memory of this journey.

Myself            : Ok. Thank for telling your experience.

Friend             : You are most welcome.