A Dialogue about the Creative Method of Education

A dialogue between my friend and my about the creative method of education


Myself                   :         Hello! Sami How are  you?

Sami                     :         I am fine . What’s about you?

Myself                   :         I am, also fine. Can I know your opinions about the newly

introduced creative method of education.

Sami                     :         Yes, It is a great problem for us because it is very difficult than


Myself                   :         How?

Sami                     :         I can’t understand the matter at first read. We should read more and

more and write many questions in the exam hall. It is irritating.

Myself                   :         you are in wrong. You know that education is the back bone of a

nation It is so many important for us. It also helps us understand a

Matter deeply.

Sami                     :         I understand the reality.

Myself                   :        Thank you for the realizing.

Sami                     :         You’r welcome.