A Dialogue about the advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life

A dialogue between two friends about the advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life.


Sayed  :  Good morning, Mahir, you’re going to your villages today,  aren’t you? Why don’t you stay days more                     in Dhaka city?

Mahir  : Oh, no I do not feel comfort in Dhaka city. It’s totally boring.

Sayed  :   What are the things of city life you do not like?

 Mahir  :  I think life in the city is very artificial. It’s full of business and  separation. People lead a very busy life                    in polluted area.  They wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the sounds of motor vehicles,                            machines and factories.

Sayed :     You are right. But there are many modern facilities you can have in city life. In cities there are many                     good educational institutions, hospitals and clinics. There’re also many recreational places in the                       city. It’s often easier to find work here.

 Mahir :    That’s true, but I think life in the village is far better than of city life. Village life is quite natural and the                   people in the village lead a very simple life. They wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the

                  melodious songs birds. They can take fresh food, fruits, fishes, meat and vegetable. Similarly, the                         villagers are cooperative as well as helpful. The environment of the village is totally pollution free.                         You can get the scenery of green field and meadows.  

Sayed :     But village life is not without its disadvantages. Disease, hunger malnutrition poverty is common in                     the life of the villagers.

Mahir :     Actually both the lives have their advantages and disadvantages. A balanced development can                                remove the gap between two types of life.

Sayed :       I agree with you.

Mahir  :     Thanks a lot and you are highly invited in our village.

Sayed  :     Oh sure. I hope I will visit your house during the next holiday. Good- bye.


  1. sir plz tells us how we write dialogue b/w 5 people comparing village life and city life plz help us its our project and we have to submit it on monday

  2. So big article, i can’t not leave i comment. It’s a must 🙂

    • Ratul Hasan on July 30, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    It just completed my homework!
    Thanks for this.

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