A Dialogue about the Absence from the Previous Class

A dialogue between a student and a class teacher about the absence from the previous class.

Ataur             : May I come in, sir?

Class Teacher : Yes, come in. Tell me your roll number?

Ataur             : My roll number is 2

Class Teacher : You are a regular student. Why were you absent from the previous class?

Ataur             : I’m sorry, sir. I have just come from hospital.

Class Teacher : Why? Are you sick?

Ataur             : No, sir. I’m quite well.

Class Teacher : What’s your complaint?

Ataur             : My grandfather suddenly felt severe pain in the chest. Moreover, my father is not at

home. So I rushed to the hospital with him.

Class Teacher : How is he now?

Ataur             : He is now all right.

Class Teacher : What has the doctor said?

Ataur             : The doctor has prescribed some medicine and suggested him to take rest.

Class Teacher : I wish his quick recovery.

Ataur             :  Thank you, sir.