A Dialogue about Saint Martin’s Island

A dialogue between you and your friend about Saint Martin’s Island

Myself:   Hello Jahid! How are you?

Jahid:    Hi friend! I am fine. What’s about you?

Myself:   I am also fine. Would you please give me much information about Saint Martin Island?

Jahid:    Oh sure! It’s only the coral island in Bangladesh. There are coral of different shapes of    

                colors in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.  

Myself:    Oh, that’s wonderful!

Jahid:     Yes, it is! You can also see the turtles that nest on the island and a variety of sea fishes too.

Myself:     Wow! Really! Can we go sailing in the sea?

Jahid:       Well, you can take a day-long cruise in the deep sea. You can hire traditional wood boats  

                   or sea-buses. The trips are exciting but safe.

Myself:    Why it is famous?  

Jahid:     It’s famous for sea fishes, dry fishes, coconut etc.  

Myself:   What is the local name of the island?

Jahid:     Locally it is known as Narical Gingira and Daruchini Dip.

Myself:    Nice! Thank you Jahid, for your valuable information.

Jahid:     You are most welcome.