A Dialogue about Opening the Door

A dialogue between you and an unknown person about opening your door


Stranger:  Excuse me! Would you please open the door?

Myself:      Yes! Who are you dear?

Stranger:  I am Jahid. I am a student of Ideal School.

Myself:      Whom do you want?

Stranger:   Is it Shihab’s residence?

Myself:     Which Shihab! Do you have any idea about his family?

Stranger:  Oh! I think his father is a senior officer of Dhaka Bank. His elder brother’s name is   

                    Sajib and he is a student of Dhaka College.  

Myself:     Yes. I have known him. Unfortunately, they are not present here because yesterday  

                   they went to their native village. Okay, come inside the gate.

Stranger:  Sorry, brother. I have an emergency work. So, I have to leave now. You can give the  

                    letter to Shihab and tell him to meet with me.

Myself:       Ok, dear.

Stranger:   Thank you for your help.

Myself:         Nothing to mention.

Stranger:    Bye.

Myself:      Bye.