A Dialogue about How to Speak English Fluently

A dialogue between you and your friend about how to speak English fluently.


Anwar :  Hi Rakib! What’s the matter? You look so exhausted.

Rakib : Oh, I’m worried about English. You know it’s a foreign language. How can I learn it well?

Anwar : I see. I’d also the same problem. But our English teacher told me about some ways to learn English.

Rakib : What’s that? Tell me, please.

Anwar : The main point about learning a language is using that language as much as possible.

Rakib : But I don’t know the language well. Then how can I use it well?

Anwar : Ok. You have to speak English in any circumstances.

Rakib : There’ll be a lot of mistakes, you know.

Anwar : You should never be worried about making mistakes.

Rakib : How can I overcome mistakes?

Anwar : You ought to read story books, read English Newspapers, and watch English TV news.

Ralib : What else should I follow?

Anwar : You must acquire so many words.

Rakib : What should I do to speak English fluently?

Anwar : You must practise speaking with friends and classmates everywhere.

Rakib : That’s all.

Anwar :Yes, indeed.

Rakib : Thank you very much. I’ll try my best to follow your advices.

Anwar : You are welcome.