A Dialogue about How to Improve English

A dialogue between two friends about how to improve English.

Friend : Peace be upon you  my friend.

Myself : Also you. How do you do?

Friend : Alhamdulillah. What about you?

Myself : I am well physically but not mentally.

Friend : But why?

Myself : I have not done well in English in the last exam.

Friend : What is your problem?

Myself : Actually I am not interested in English.

Friend : O I see.

Myself :What can I do now?

Friend : You have to develop your basic skill on English.

Myself : But how?

Friend : You have to learn word, number, gender, sentence, tense, sentence  patterns       and others.

Myself : Has there any fixed skill to develop English?

Friend : Yes, there are four skills to improve your English

Myself :What are they?

Friend : They are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Myself :What is most essential for me now?

Friend: It is practice and practice.

Myself: But I don’t feel comfort in practice.

Friend: You should know that practice makes a man perfect.

Myself: Really?

Friend :Yes, Thank you.

Myself :Welcome.

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