A Dialogue about how to Eradicate Illiteracy

A Dialogue about How to Eradicate Illiteracy

Monir : Hi Sakib, how are you?
Sakib : I’m fine. And you?
Monir : I’m fine too. But I’m thinking about a great problem of our country.
Sakib : Which are you speaking of?
Monir : It is our illiteracy problem. What’s your opinion?
Sakib : Yes. It is a great problem as well as a curse for the country.
Monir : How?   

Sakib : Because without education no nation can develop as ignorance creates
any other problems .
Monir : What should we do then?
Sakib : We should work hard in hand to educate the illiterate.
Monir : We also need to create people’s awareness so that they send their
children to school.
Sakib : Yes, of course. It’s the key factor. Our government has already taken
some steps to remove illiteracy.
Monir : We must co-operate with the govt.
Sakib : Yes, we must come forward in this regard.
Monir : But there are some people in our society who are very poor. They are
unwilling to send their children to school owing to poverty.
Sakib : Indeed! It’s quite so. To persuade the poor people to send their
children to school the government has also started ‘Food for
Education’ programme.
Monir : Yes, it is an important step.
Sakib : But the govt. alone cannot solve the problem. Every educated person
including students must come forward to educate the illiterate.
Monir : Of course. To make the programme a success we must co-operate each
Sakib : If we are sincere in our words and deeds, nothing is impossible.
Monir : That’s right. Thank you.
Sakib : Ok. See you again.