A Dialogue about Buying Book

A dialogue between you and a book seller about buying book.

Book seller          :        Hello, Sir, May I help you?

Myself                 :        Yes, you can.

Book seller          :        Which book do you want?

Myself                 :        Do you have the ‘Merchant of Venice’ by Shakespeare?

Book seller          :        No, Sir. Would you like to see something else?

Myself                 :        Please show me some classics that you have.

Book seller          :        Do you have any particular preferences?

Myself                 :        Want to buy drama or play.

Book seller          :        You can take Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Myself                 :        Please give me copy of it.

Book seller          :        Here it is.

Myself                 :        How much does it cost?

Bookseller           :        It costs 250 Taka.