A Dialogue about Borrowing a Book

Write a dialogue between two friends on Borrowing a book.


Siray               : Hi; Salim, How are you?

Salim              : I’m almost of but a little bit worried about writhing dialogues and completing stories


Siray               :  Why? Didn’t you practice them in the class?

Salim              : Yes, I did, Even then, some points are not still clear to me.

Siray               : Don’t have you any English Grammar book?

Salim              : Actually. I don’t have any good English Grammar book. What about you in this


Siray               : I have a good grammar composition book by Michel Swan. It’s a good book for

learning net only grammar but also composition.

Salim              : Can I get the book for three or four days, Siray?

Siray               : Sure, Why not, But I use thin book almost every day. So you must return me just of

there four days.

Salim              : Centrally, I will take it for three or four days.

Siray               : Let’s move to our house.

Salim              : Sure friend, thank you.