A Composition on Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population problem is the main problem of Bangladesh. It is a small country of 1,47,570 square kilometres. But the density of population is about 876 per square kilometre. It is one of the biggest figures in the world. Moreover about two million new babies are born every year.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. About 140 million people live in this small land. Many of the evils/problems of the country are due to over population. At present the growth rate of population is about 3% every year.


The population is an asset of a country. But sometimes it becomes a curse when the country cannot meet the necessities of the people. Additional people need additional things like food, clothes, houses, hospitals, education, work etc. But for a poor country like Bangladesh it is impossible to meet all the demands of the people.


The effect of over population is very dangerous. The rate of unemployment is increasing every year. Unemployment causes frustration and unrest in the society. As a   result the situation of law and order is now going out of control. There is no balance between food production and the growth rate of population. The price of things is rising high by leaps and bounds. So it is going beyond the reach of the poor people to buy their daily necessities. Over population creates much pressure on all sectors of economy. All these have adverse impacts on our life and society.


We should come forward to solve this problem. Early marriage should be abolished. Each family should not have more than two children. For this we must remove illiteracy from society. Programmes must be taken to create awareness among the mass people about the adverse impacts of over population.


The government alone cannot solve this problem. Educated and conscious people of the society must play an important role to face this problem. Otherwise, our progress and development as a nation will be greatly hampered and we will lag behind in every sphere of life.