Write a short composition on journey by train/bus/boat/plane

Journey by train/boat/plane/bus

Journey is always pleasure to everybody. It charms our mind and makes us happy. It is also a part of education. To move one place to another in order to gain new experience and new knowledge is known as journey. After a journey, we feel relaxed and fresh. Journey by  Train/bus/boat/plane is specially very interesting and enjoyable to me.

Last week, I made a joyful train/bus/boat/plane journey. During the last winter vacation I was asked to visit my uncle’s house in Chittagong. So I got a chance to make a happy but long journey by bus/train/boat/plane.

It was Friday. It was a nice morning. The weather was very nice that day. The sky was clear. I got up from sleep early in the morning. I prepared myself for journey. I and my elder brother reached to the spot at 7.00 am. [We hired a boat/Launch Will be used in case of  Journey by boat/launch ]/ [We bought two tickets will be used in case of Journey by train/bus/plane ] . After 15 minutes the boat/train/plane/bus began to move on slowly. After a few minutes the bus/train/boat/plane was running in full speed. I enjoyed many things. I saw some clouds floating in the sky. I saw trees, houses and fields. I enjoyed all the things. We could see the hills of Chittagong. I could enjoy the wonderful scenery of the hills.

After two hours, we reached our destination. We faced no trouble on the way to chittagong. We got down  from the bus/train/plane/boat and saw my cousin waiting for us. Then we went to my uncle’s house by taxi. We were cordialy there. All the members of the family became very glad to see us.

Thus journey by train/boat/plane/bus was the most joyful and interesting to me. I enjoyed the journey very much.


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