A Composition on ‘Female Education’

Female Education
Education is a light to which everybody has the equal right . God has created both man and woman equally . He has drawn no distinct distinction between man and woman . Woman constitute half of our population . No development is possible without full participation of woman . So education is a must for both man and woman .
A woman has to fulfill three duties in the course of her life . She has duty to society , to her husband and to her children . If a woman can perform these duties properly , she is worthy of being called a perfect woman . These duties can be carried out only by an educated woman .
Woman are now a days not less important than man. They constitute a little but more than half of our population . The country will suffer a lot because of the unequal opportunity for woman. If they are not educated , they can not be able to take part in the development work. If they are given opportunity , their capacities will bloom fully . If they are not educated . they will not able to serve the nation . Again without education woman can not be elevated . Education should be imparted to woman.
A woman has certain duties towards her husband and family . An educated woman can make a home an abode of peace and happiness . An educated housewife is an asset to the family . She can maintain accounts and take initiative in many domestic matters . By keeping the family budget , she can make the best income . She keeps her kitchen hygienic , An educated woman can be a true help-mate of her husband . She can amuse and entertainment her husband in different ways . An educated woman can be a good friend , a clever nurse and a useful adviser to her husband .
An educated mother has a great influence on the formation of her children’s character . She can teach her children many things . She is an asset in building an educated nation .
To sum up , we can say that female education is the blessing for any nation . Educated woman make their parents , husband and children truly happy .

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