A Composition about Value of Time

                                              Value of Time

Human life is very short. But they have many things to do. Time flies on quickly like an arrow. So it is said that time and tide wait for none. In fact the importance of time cannot be valued in money. Human life is short, but he has to do much and go a long way within this short span of life.

Life is nothing but the sum-total of moments. Every moment is very precious. Success in life depends on the best use of time. We do not generally use time properly. So we cannot reach the pinnacle of success. We must remember that success in life largely depends on the proper use of time. Time once lost can never be regained. If time goes away, it never returns. So we must make the best use of our time. We must not put off any work for tomorrow. Our work will never be done if we don’t do it timely. A man who does his work in time is crowned with success. Idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Idle persons who kill time in vain are a burden on society. They lead an unhappy life and suffer in the long run.


Everyone should use time in a proper way to succeed in life. To waste time is a crime. Those who waste time and indulge in idleness cannot succeed in life. An idle man sits idle instead of doing anything useful. He cannot earn even his livelihood. He passes his days in want and depends on others like a parasite. He is a burden for society and everybody hates him.


Wasting time is a sin. If time is wasted it will be the cause of our misery and ruin.

There should be time for reading, for office work, for physical exercise, for recreation and for prayer. This means we should do everything when it is time to do. Time is more valuable than health and wealth. We can get back lost health and lost wealth but we cannot get back the lost time. The value of time can be realized only when it is properly utilized.


We are the supreme creation of Allah. So we have to carry on a mission and should do things timely to reach our goals. The most prosperous nations are those who don’t waste any time. We should take lessons from them both for ourselves and for our nation.