A Composition about Student Life

                           Student Life

The span of life which a person spends in schools, colleges or universities for receiving education is called student life. It is the best part of life. This is the time when everyone is free from cares and anxieties of the world. The duty of students is to learn, to improve and to equip them for the future struggle in practical life.

 The student life of a child begins when it is first sent to school and lasts until he/she enters into adulthood to meet the worldly life. This is the time which equips a person with academic, mental and social training. At schools, colleges or universities a student comes in close contact with teachers and students. This gives him an exquisite opportunity to acquire knowledge and also to cultivate the virtue of fellow feeling. Future career largely depends upon one’s performance in student life.

 Student life is called the seed time of human life. At this stage, every student is like a lump of clay and can be molded into any shape. So student life is the proper time for the formation of character. With this end in view, a student should not confine his reading to textbooks only. He should also read newspapers, magazines and good books on different subjects. Besides increasing the horizon of his knowledge, this habit also gives him necessary information about practical life.

 Student life also paves the ground for practicing co-curricular activities like debating, recitation, writing for school magazines, music and so on. By participating in debates, students can improve their power of speaking. By contributing articles to the school magazines, they can cultivate the power of writing. Moreover, during natural disasters students play the pioneer role, they try their utmost to help the distressed. Along with these activities, students should take part in various indoor and outdoor games to stay fit. Sometimes, they show special feats in sports and bring prestige and honor for their institutions and for the country as well.

 A good student takes full advantage of this happy life. But a bad student is a constant trouble to the teacher. He is liked neither by his teachers nor by his fellow students. He learns nothing and suffers in life. Thus to enjoy student life, a student must obey his teachers, superiors as well as mind his lessons.

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