A Composition about Spring in Bangladesh

Spring in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a play ground of nature decorated with six seasons. These six seasons come one after another with their full diversity. Spring is the last and the most beautiful of all seasons. It is called the king of seasons.

Spring comes with her lovely appearance after winter. The Bengali months of ‘Falgoon’ and ‘Chaitra’ comprise the season of spring. It lasts for two months only.

Spring is the season of flowers and new leaves. Various kinds of flowers bloom in this season. Lifeless trees put on new leaves. So, the fields and meadows become green. Bees are busy in gathering honey. The butterfly is on its colourful wings. It flies from flower to flower in this season.

This is the season when gentle breeze comes from the south and refreshes our body and mind. Spring is the season of songs and merriment. Even it makes the birds exceeding and cheerful. So, they sing in the fullness of their hearts. Bees hum and cuckoos sing in joy.

It is also a season of fruits. Mangoes and Jackfruits are main fruits of this season. Besides, black-berry, lichi, water-melon, papaya and apple are found in this time.

For its sweet scented flowers, songs of birds and gentle breeze, vividness spring is called the ‘Rituraj’.

The spring is the very sweet season. It is rich in colour, beauty and Music. So, everybody likes it very much.