A Composition about Physical Exercise

                                           Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise means the proper movement of our limbs. It is the most important pre-condition of good health. It helps us to keep fit and enjoy a sound mind in a sound body. A physically weak person can do little for himself and for the society he lives in.

There is a close relation between the body and the mind. “Sound mind in a sound body” is a wise saying. A sound body is not possible without taking regular physical exercise. We should have sound health for attaining success in life. It makes our body strong and stout. It is also necessary for the circulation of blood and digestion of food.

There are various kinds of exercise. Walking, riding, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics are good forms of exercise. All exercises are not suitable for all people. Swimming suits the young most. Running is good for middle-aged men and fast walking is beneficial to the old. We must remember that over exercise or unsuitable exercise is harmful for health. Morning is the best time for physical exercise. We may take exercise in the evening also. Everyone must be regular in taking physical exercise. Exercise should not be taken just before or after meals. Besides, different exercises should be taken in different ages. After physical exercise one must take proper food, or his health will break down.


Physical exercise is useful for the body and the mind. It makes our limbs and muscles strong. It also makes our body fit to protect us from diseases. It keeps us sound and healthy. Thus physical exercise helps us to work with more stamina and to succeed in life.


In fact physical exercise is the source of sound health and sound health is the key to success in life. No one can enjoy himself and his wealth if he does not have a sound body and a sound mind. So we must take physical exercise regularly.  But over exercise should always be avoided.