A Composition about My Favorite Hobby

                             My Favorite Hobby


Hobby is an interesting quest other than one’s main occupation. It is usually followed during leisure. It does not bring money but it brings immense pleasures and joys to us. It is necessary to make our life enjoyable and cheerful. Without it life becomes dull and monotonous.

Different persons have different choices. Some choose gardening, some like drawing picture, some like painting; while other like rearing birds or catching fish, collecting stamps and so on. But whatever be the hobby, it has its own values. A person chooses his hobby according to his own linking. I am a student of class IX. Like others, I have also my hobby and it is gardening.

One may wonder why I should give time and energy to such an unproductive work. One may say it is a mere waste of time and energy. I do not feel or think it so. The one or two hours that I spend in my garden are not lost. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind. Every day in the morning I feel a great pleasure when I see my garden adorned with flowers. The flowers in the garden look like stars in the sky. I am charmed at their beauty and my heart dances with joy when they tossing their heads in gentle breeze. At night when the sweet scent of flowers comes into my room with air, it makes me very happy and fills up mind with heavenly peace. That is why; I choose gardening as my hobby. No other hobby can afford me more pleasure than it.

My garden is in front of our house. Everybody in the afternoon I go to my garden with a spade or hoe and work there. I usually turn or dig the earth and make it fit for planting flower plants. I also pull out weeds and grasses from the garden. I have put a fence around it so that cattle or naughty children cannot do any harm to the plants. I water the plants every day in the afternoon. I have all kinds of flower-plants in my garden such as rose, chameli, shefali, sunflower, dahlia, beli etc.

A hobby gives pleasure as well as instruction. It makes a man active and strong. A man who has a hobby does not spend his spare time in idleness. He engages himself in some useful works. It increases one’s knowledge too. If he likes gardening, he will have to know something about the flowers and plant life. Working in the garden is also a sort of physical exercise which improves his health. It gives joy to the man who owns it as well as to others who see it. The hobby occupies his mind so much so that it leaves hardly any room for evil thoughts to grow and thrive in mind.

Gardening as a hobby is really a great source of joy and pleasure. It makes our body strong and mind cheerful. It gladdens our mind and purifies our soul. The original parents of mankind in their innocent state perhaps placed for this very reason in the Garden of Eden.