A Composition about My Aim in Life

                            My Aim in Life/ My Future Plan of Life

An aim means a particular goal of life. It is important to choose a profession for future life and prepare oneself accordingly. Everybody must have an aim in life. Success in life depends largely on the right selection of an aim in life.

Different men have different tastes. There are many professions. Some want to be high officials, some want to be doctors, some want to be poets, some want to be an engineers and some want to be writers and so on.

Now I am a student of class seven. It is very difficult for me to choose a right profession for future life. So I have discussed with my parents and teachers about my aim and have chosen my aim in life. I like to be a good doctor in course of time. I have my own reasons for choosing the profession of a doctor. In our country most of the people live in villages. They suffer from various diseases. They do not get proper treatment for want of qualified doctors. Besides, there is an acute shortage of doctors in many villages. So I have chosen this profession to serve the suffering people of my country.

I will study in science group at the H S C level. After passing the H S C examination, I shall get myself admitted into a Medical College. After obtaining the M.B.B.S. degree I shall go back to my native village to serve the people. In order to do so I will not look for any job. I will treat the poor patients free of cost. I will also try to set up a charitable dispensary and give medicine to the poor patients without any cost. As a result, a good number of lives will remain safe from immature death. Thus I shall devote myself to the service of the nation and country.

An aimless life is no life at all. A man without an aim is like a boat or steamer without a rudder. An aimless man cannot reach the goal of life. It is sure that success in life depends on the proper choice of an aim in life. I hope that I shall be able to reach my goal in course of time.