A Composition about Food Habit

                                Food Habit

For living happily and keep to be fit everybody has to eat. The food which we usually eat in every meal in our daily life is called food habit. Generally, it differs from nation to nation, society to society, person to person and generation to generation.
It is well known to all that there are different types of foods in our daily meals. But we should not eat all the foods because all the foods are not good for our health. Generally in our daily life we have to build up a habit to take eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, milk, potato etc. We should eat the items moderately.  
Similarly, we have to take some food items very little like fats, oils, sweets, etc. because they are unhealthy. At the same rate, the habit of over eating should be left because it makes a man fat and unhealthy. It also creates many dangerous diseases.
So, everybody should build up a nice food habit. Then he will be happy and lead a healthy life.   

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