A Composition about Discipline


The word discipline is derived from a Latin word ‘discipulus’. ‘Discipulus’ means that a disciple obeys the orders of his master without any question. So discipline is a moral quality. Discipline means obedience to law and order. It is necessary to obey the rules of discipline because human progress depends on it.

Men live in a society. He cannot do whatever he likes. So he has to obey some rules and regulations. If everybody violates the rules of discipline, the society will get chaotic. So discipline has a great value in every sphere of our life. It is essential for happiness and progress.

Discipline may be classified into three types. They are personal discipline, public discipline, and religious discipline. Personal discipline is formulated by the person himself. Public discipline is imposed by the state and law. And religious discipline is regulated by the religion one follows.

Everyone in the army is to lead a strictly disciplined life. If the soldier does not obey orders or if the General does not obey instructions, the army becomes at once a mere rabble. Difficulties or dangers cannot divert a soldier from carrying out the orders of his commanders.

Discipline is strictly maintained in games and sports. A player has to obey the decisions of the referee or umpire and the captain of the team. A disciplined team always wins over an undisciplined team.

In every house there is a sort of government. All the members obey and respect the head of the family. And the head leads the family in a disciplined way. A disciplined family leads a healthier and happier life.

A student has to obey the rules of the institute. He has to carry out the order or advice of his superiors, show respect to his teachers. The teachers and the staff also obey the rules of the institute.

An office cannot run smoothly if the juniors do not obey the orders of the seniors. Discipline is essential for the growth and development of all the social, political or economic organizations. The society and the state depend upon the disciplined conduct of their members. Discipline is found even in the society of the lower animals.

Discipline has a great importance at every sphere of life. It ensures safety, peace, progress and happiness to all.

The achievements of our civilization are the rewards of discipline. Discipline makes a man real and pure one. Thus nothing can go on smoothly without discipline. There can be no progress and no stability of a society or a state without discipline.

Life in modern time has become complicated. So the necessities of discipline have become greater now. Again life without discipline means a life full of chaos. So we should lead our lives in a disciplined manner.