How does Dicken depicts the contemporary society in Great Expectation.

Charles Dickens is a very popular novelist of the victorian period. He is a great novelist to the intelligent who wants to know everything of the society of his time. He has exposed evils in the society of his time.we see here a society riddled by cruelty,greed and injustice.

Philip pip meets injustice in the behaviour of many people. He says that had an everlasting conflict with injustice. He is very sensitive . He realises how he becomes the victim of injustice. Like a mature man, he feels that he is not brought by his elder sister properly. In the little word in which children have their existance ,there is nothing so finely realised and so finely felt as injustice.

His sister has a hard heart. she never considers the effects on the hearty mind of an innocent child. she ill treats with him. she often whips him making use of a cane whenever he is guilty of even minor.

pumblechook takes pip to Miss havisham’s place in his cart. Wopsle humiliates pip by comparing to a pig.
The Humbles feel that the boy is naturally vicious. so he will never come to any good.

Estelle is cruel and unkind. He is made so by Miss havisham. Miss havisham has used her to express her wholesale attack on all mankind. she is ill treated by compyson. She is left by him on her weddimg day. Miss havisham does not hesitate to call pip coarse and common.she regards him as a litte coarse. she even slaps him on his face.she behaves pip as a dog.pip is humilgated,hurt,attacked , beaten. she instructs Estella to exercise all her charms on pip to infatuated him initially.she also instructs her to break his in the end. Thus she cross the limit of cruelty.she is a typical example in rudeness . she is treated cruelly by her lover.The fact has made hard hearted and embittered with the deep sense of wrong.

Dicken has skillfully depicted the corruption influence of victorian age. Pip is the hero of great expectations. He forgets his well wishers of his boyhood days such as Joe and Biddy. He forgets that Joe used to carry pip on his shoulders and treats him like a brother with great love and affection.
He forgets that he is indebt for gentlemanly bringing up with money.

Mrs gorgery is cruel to her younger brother. she does not hesitate to ill treat with her genle husband, Joe Gorgery. Aurther is the half brother of Misshavisham. He cheats much money of his sister. Milly kills a woman who is alleged to be adulteriously with her husband. Orlick cherishes grudges against Gorgery and Pip. He is guilty of murders.

Dicken has portayed very devasting and eruel affectr of an ex essive greed for money in this novel. Money is considered by many people to be the key to gentle behaviour. It creats devastating. pip got tainted money from magwicth. Thus he himself from a coarse general boy into a young man. pumlechook was a critic of pip in his boyhood. He becomes humble toward him at the time of his property.

Pip becomes extremely snobbish . Plentiful of cash begins to flow into his life. He feels sorry that his patron is only convict groaning under social humiliation. How are criminals created in socitety? They are not born. They are created by the society. pip give a depressing picture of the judge. The jails were much neglected . sentence of death was mated out.

In the above discussion, we can say that Great expectations portrays vividly a society riddled with injustic,greed and cruelty.

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