Disscuss autobiographical elements in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre.

There are some strong personal autobiographical elements in the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by charlotte Bronte. In order to identify the autobiographical elements in the novel, we should keep mind some of the manifaests and events of her own life.

Charlotte Bronte had two sisters and a brother . she was elder sister.she had to take charge of Emily Bronte, Anne Bronte and Branwell. she felt compelled to take their authorship for their family circumstances. Branwell was their only young brother. He could not do nothing to help his sisters well in life financially. Charlott lost two of her sisters. Both of them received premature death. charlot Bronte and Emily had tried to earm their livelihood. The had to work as a teacher and governess. But they had found themselves most miserable in both . Neither life as teacher nor life as a governess had given any satisfaction to them.

Both charlotte and Emily had gone to Brussels to learn French. They gone spent some time as pupils at a school where charlott had fallen in love with principal. she loved him without receiving any response from him. Another important fact was occurred in her life. she had stayed for some time at a country house. At the orchard of the house a huge chesnut grew tree which had been struck by lightening. It had been divided into two. Charlotte Bronte enjoyed another fact in her life. At the age of nine, he had gone to boarding school.Her experience at the school was somewhat unhappy. The school was run by religious foundation. From this school , she had been withdrawn after the death of her two sisters who had been studying there.

Jane Eyre in the novel is similar like Charlott Bronte physically. Charlott herself was a plain looking woman. she was as small as the heroine , Jane Eyre in the novel. she wants to show that a heroine could be an interesting person without being beautiful. she had read at the religious charitable school. she had her experience as a governess. All her experiences have been transferred to Jane’s life in Jane Eyre. charlott had a passionate desire for a wider life and full experience in her life. It has been given by her upon the heroine of her novel.

Charlotte Bronte noticed the practice of religion in her own time.she found the injustice among the participationers of religion. It had given a feeling of Bitterness in her.she expressed it in her portrayal of Mr Brocklehurst in Jane Eyre. In the novel Jane Eyre hates the clergyman, Mr Brocklehurst who is the director of lowood school. However, there are two other representatives of religion in the novel who are attractive to Jane Eyre. They are kind and morally attractive. One is Hellen Burns and Another is Miss Temple.

Thornfield Hall is the house of Mr. Rochester in the novel, Jane Eyre. It is the similar to the country house of charlotte Bronte. There is an orchard at Thorfield Hall. There also grew a huge chesnut tree. The tree is struck by lightening too. The same happend to the country house of charlott

Helen Burns meet premature death at lowood school. Charlotte Bronte’s sister, Maria also meets premature death for the same disease. At moor House, we meet Jane, Diana Rivers and Mary Rivers. Their charecters are similar to Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte and Anne Bronte. Tabby is the old servant at Moor House. He had been a servant of the Bronte family.

To conclude, we can say that we have mentioned many personal elements of Bronte family from her novel, Jane Eyre. But it is not all.


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