What , according to sidney, are the function of a poet ?

Sir philip sidney is a renaissance scholar. Many intellectuals criticised poetry severely in Elizabethan age. But sidney stands in favour of poor poetry and poets as their true lover. He probes the history of poetry and shows that poets are the father of knowledge. All the branches of knowledge take vital force from poetry. The most ancient book of the world is the book of poetry. There was no books before humar in the world. Sidney has expressed and shown several functions of a poet in his ” An Apology for poetry.”

Sidney says that the poets were respected in most uncivilized nations. During the ancient period , the turks and tartars were the most uncivilized nation. Even among them, the poets were greatly respected. The uncivilized red indians read and used to seek recreation in poetry. So poetry is the first light giver to ignorant and the uncivilized nation . In this sense , poets always enkindle the light of knowledge.

In ancient Rome and Greece , Poets were also greatly respected. The Romans called the poets ‘vates’ which means diviner or prophat. Greek regarded the poets as a maker. Actually the poets are the makers of the things which nature can not make.

All the branches of knowledge are under nature. A historian can not go beyond the incidents which had happened. A philosopher deals with pure truth. But a poet deals with the pure truth and the general truth. Besides, the poets are not under nature. The themselves make nature more beautiful than she really is.

A poet is an idealist of nature. He idealises his beyond description. Moreover, his world is without limitation.

A poet is called a prophet. A prophet preaches sermon. The oracles of Delfic used to preach in poetry. Davids also sang psalms in poetry .Moreover, Bible is also a great poem. So poetry can never hated.

Sidney says that a poet is the monarch of all branches of learning. He does not begin with the abstract and difficult definitions as a philosopher does. Like a historian, he also does not load the memory with doubts and examples whose truth is doubtful. Thus a poet is a monarch of all science.

In considering the discussion above, we can say sidney is an immortal lover of poetry and poets.

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