Classification of Noun

Noun :
There are mainly two kinds of nouns.
They are :1. Concrete Noun .
2.Abstract Noun.

1. Concrete Noun : A concrete Noun is the name of something which has physical existence and which can be realized through the sense.

such as: a. The flower is beautiful.
b. Mahinur akter monika is a beautiful girl.
c. Cock crows.
d. The boys are playing.
e. The girl is dancing.

There are four kinds of concrete noun. They are :

a.Proper noun.

b. common noun.

c.collective noun.

d. Material noun.

a. Proper noun: A proper noun is the name of a particular man, place or thing. Such as:
a. Mr Mazhar is a good writer.
b. His writing is very interesting.
c. Mr Mazhar lives in a village named Rasulpur

Examples: Mitu, Anisa, Muntaha, sanzida, sajuti, shaon, Gafargaon, mymensingh, Tongi, Rasulpur, India, Japan, Bangladesh,The padma,The holy Quran, The daily star, The moon,The sun etc.

b. Common Noun:
A common Noun is the common name of every person or thing of the same kind.
Such as: Cow, girl, boy, man, woman, pen, dog, River, Rose, pen, book, friend , TV, mobile, newspaper etc.

Examples: a. The cow is a domestic animal.
b. The girl is very beautiful.
c. The teachers of Rasulpur high school are very good.
d. The teacher is teaching.

c. Collective noun:
A collective Noun is the name of a collection of things taken considered as one undivided whole.

Examples: Army, class, meeting, group, club, Team, Family, Library, party, Flock, Bundle, Board, Army, jury, Navy, etc.

d. Material Noun:
A material Noun is the name of material or substance which can not be counted but measured.
such as: Milk, water, Iron, Tea, oil, gold, rice, sugar, salt, etc.

2. Abstract Noun:
An abstract noun is the name of quality, action or state of a person or thing.
such as: Honesty, Freedom, Education, Patience, Honesty, happiness, kindness, truth, illness, patience etc.

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