Rules of transformation of sentence.

Rules of transformation of sentences

1: Turning affirmative into negative:
rule 1:
Examples: Aff: a. Mr Mazhar was an honest man.
neg: Mr Mazhar was not a dishonest.
Aff: b. She is happy.
neg: she is not unhappy.
c. The shirt is clean.
neg: The shirt is not dirty/unclean.
d. Mrs mitu is rich.
neg : Mrs Mitu is not poor.

rule 2: Only /alone+ statement(affir)= None but+ statement (neg).
But in the case of thing and in the case of number not more than/not less than.
a. Only Allah can help us.
neg: None but Allah can help us.
b. Only he can do this.
Neg: None but he can do this.
c. He has only a few books.
neg: He has nothing but a few books.
d. He was only at twelve.
neg: He was not more than twelve.
e. The brave alone can do this.
neg: None but the brave can do this.
f. Only Mahinur monika can do the sum.
neg: None but mahinur monika can do the sum.

rule 2: As soon as + statement+ (,)+ statement= No sooner had+ statement+ than+ statement.
Example: a. As soon as he arrived, we welcomed him.
neg: No sooner had he arrived than we welcomed.
3. Every + statement= There is no….. but . Everybody+ statement= there is none.
a. Every mother loves her child.
neg: There is no mother but loves
her child.
b. Everybody hates a liar.
neg: There is none but hates a liar.

rule 4: The middle word in affirmative sentenc is the place of not in negative sentence and opposite word of verb.
a. I shall remember you.
neg: I shall not forget you.
b. She is happy.
neg: She is not unhappy.

4. always+ affirmative sentence= never+ opposite word of affirmative.
a. Mitu was always punctual.
neg: Mitu was never late.

6. The word ‘sometimes’ in affirmative sentence is the place of ‘not always’ in negative sentence.
a. The rich are sometimes happy.
neg: The rich are not always happy.
b. The poor are sometimes unhappy.
neg: The poor are not always uhappy.

7.To make negative the affirmative sentence with superlative degree, we use no other at the beginning of negative sentence and
a. Anisa is the best girl in the class.
neg: No other girl in the class is as good as Anisa.
b. Dhaka is the biggest city in Banladesh.
neg: No other city in Banladesh is as big as Dhaka.

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