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A, an, the are the articles in English Language. Basically, an article is an adjective which modifies a noun like adjective.

There are two kinds of articles in English language. They are: a. Indefinite article.
b. Definite article.
We call a/an the definite article and ‘the’ the indefinite article.

Uses of Indefinite article:
1. a+ singular noun which begins with a consonant:
a. He is a good boy.
b. This is a book.
c. We had a horse.
d.I have a book.
e. Monika is a beautiful girl.
f. Mitu is a clever girl.
g. He is a teacher.
h. A man was taking a sack of wheat.
similarly- a hen, a dog, a fox, a cat, a table, a chair, a bottle, a fan, a shirt, a tv, a computer, a bag, a box, a pen , a teacher, a doctor, a fisherman …..etc.

2. an+ singular noun which begins with a vowel:
a. We saw an elephant.
b. Mitu is an intelligent girl.

c. Sopna has eaten an orange.
d. I see an orange.
e. Rafi is boling an egg.
f. It is an ox.
g. It is an open field.
h. I have an ox.
g. Sejuti eats an apple.
h. An owl is an ugly bird.
i. I had an opportunity.
j. Sanzida’s father is an engineer.

3. a+ A singular noun which pronounces like ‘U’ sound.
a. Mr Mazhar is a university student.
b. Sanzida is an European.
c. This is a useful thing.
d. This is a university.

e. This is a unique opportunity.
f. This is a ewe.

4. an+ nouns starting with silent ‘h’ :
a. Mr Mazhar is an honest man.
b. Sujon has been reading the book for an hour.
c. The king has an heir.

5. a+ noun starting with pronounced ‘h’ :
a. We had a horse.
b. Mr Habib is a happy man.
c. Sakir is a historian.

6. an+ abbreviation the first letter of which pronounces like a vowel:
a. Mr mazhar is an M.A.
b. Mitu is an L.L.B.
c. He is an
d. Gias uddin is an M.P.
e. Sujon is an M.B.B.S.

7. a+ abbreviation the first letter of which pronounces like a consonant:
a. Monika is a B.A.
b. Sakir is a B.S.C.
c. Mina is a B.A.G.
d. She is a

8. a+ one joining with a word :
a. She is a one eyed woman.
b. I have a one taka note.
c. She has a one hundred taka note.
d. He is a one legged man.
e. We enjoyed a one act play.

*(B) Uses of definite article:
a. ‘The’ signals that the noun is definite. It refers to a particuler member of a group:
a. The dog bit me.
b. The policeman saved me.
c. I saw the elephant at the zoo.
d. The pen is mine.
e.The book is yours.

f. The boys are playing in their school field.
g. The men are talking.

2. The + only one thing in the world:
a. The sky is blue.
b. The moon looks very charming.
c. The sun shines by day.
d. The earth moves round the sun.
e. The world is full of beautiful things.

But not the allah/not the God. exaple- Allah is one. God is kind.

3. The is used before names of rivers, oceans, seas:
a. The padma is a big river.
b. The Arabian sea.
c. The indian ocean.
d. The pacific is the deepest ocean.

4. The is used before superlattive degree:
a. Sanzida is the best girl in the class.
b. She is the most beautiful girl.
c. Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world.
d. Dhaka is the oldest city .

5. ‘The’ is used before names of holy religious book, greatest book, newspaper:
a. The prothom alo is a daily newspaper.
b. The quran is a holy book.
c. The Gita
d. The Bible
e. The daily star

6. ‘The’ is used before united state:
a. The united kingdom.

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