Rules of Tense


10. Present perfect continuous tense: sub+have been/ has been+main verb+ing.
Examples: a.We have been eating rice for an hour.
b.It has been raining for two hours.
c.It has been raining since morning.

d.We have been playing for two hours.
e. I have been reading a book for two hours.
f.He has been reading a book for two hours.
f.I have been teaching here for four yours.
g.Monika has been waiting in the class since 9am.
h.She has been reading a book for one hour.
i.He has been driving the car since morning.
j.We have been waiting here for a long time.
k.The girl has been waiting here since morning.
l.we have been learning English for six years.
m. I have been teaching in this school since 1999.

11. Past perfect continuous tense: Sub+had been +main verb+ing.+object.

a.I had been reading for two hours.
b. Mitu had been sleeping for two hours.
c.He had been writing for three hours.
d.Habib had been living in Dhaka for ten years .
e.Sanzida had been working for three years.
f.Mamun had been eating for an hour.
g. Sujon had been wating for two hours.
h.They had been talking for four hours.
i.children had been playing for four hours.

12. Future perfect continuous tense:sub+shall have been/will have been+main verb+ing.

Examples:I shall have been reading a book.
b.He will have been writing for two hours.
c.They will have been playing for two hours.
d.She will have been living here since 2016.
e.He will have been teaching in this school since 2023.

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